Transition Erin's Working Groups

Transition Erin accomplishes a good part of its mission through Working Groups, each of which has a particular area of focus. Scroll down the page and find one (or more) you're interested in joining, then click on the contact for more info .

Erin Refugee Action

Erin Refugee Action has sponsored and supported two Syrian families immigrating to Canada. Both families lived in Erin for a few months and now live in Kitchener and Georgetown. They are doing well and very happy to be safe in Canada. Souzanne, the mum of the family who came last March, said that arriving that day at Pearson Airport was one of the happiest moments of her life. We're now actively fundraising to bring a third family from Afghanistan - a grandma and granddad, their daughter, son-in-law and small grandson who fled the war in their home country several years ago and have been living in Turkey ever since. Please consider joining us as a volunteer!

Citizens' Climate Lobby

Governments will respond to the will of the people provided we tell them what we want. And what we want is a livable world.


This is what Citizens’ Climate Lobby works for. To empower citizens to connect with and influence their members of Congress. If you're interested in knowing how you can make a difference, check this group out.


A Plan to Tackle Climate Change, One Meal at a Time


Choose Organic Food 

“Of the many environmental benefits of organic food, the greatest is that it is grown without fossil fuel derived fertilizers, which are a major contributor to worldwide climate change." 

Dr. Ralph Martin PhD. Past, Loblaw Chair in Sustainable Food Production, University of Guelph.


Choose Local Food

Eat what is in “the FoodShed”. The foodshed describes the food we source from close to home and right from the farm, which often means fewer food miles, less packaging and processing. That’s a recipe for lower greenhouse gas emissions.


Choose Seasonal Food

Seasonal foods are what is produced here, now and can include what is preserved and stored.


Choose simple, delicious recipes and share them

If we can make it, so can you. Click here for an archive of our recipes and make them your own!


Choose to tell the story of our food

We’ll share some of the  who, what, where, when, why and how of organic, local, seasonal, simple food. Learn the value of Fair Trade Organic purchasing for local and imported food.

Film Festival

Every winter, Erin comes to life with the Fast Forward Film Festival. This festival brings some of the best environmental documentaries to the Erin Legion, educating and inspiring filmgoers to take action. 


Local vendors, entrepreneurs, and people with interesting lives set up tables and give people lots to talk about during intermissions, which also feature the work of the Foodshed Working Group. 


The film festival is serious fun.

Apple Fest

The town of Erin has a bounteous supply of apples - from wild trees growing in ditches to carefully manicured orchards.


Apple Fest is a time to reap the bounty. We glean, we make cider, we make apple sauce, and we get together to enjoy the songs and stories of the autumn harvest.

Skill Share

It turns out that your grandparents had all of the skills needed to survive: to grow food, to eat, to fix things, to tie the right knots, to make clothes, to weld, to scythe a field, to mill lumber, and so on.


Re-skilling is all about re-acquainting ourselves with some of these essential, and deeply satisfying, endeavours. It's also about learning from the people in our midst who still know how to do these things.

Heart & Soul

The Heart and Soul group believes that Inner Transition is at the core of true social transformation and community resilience. We explore this through gatherings that connect to land and to each other. 

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